TC BioPharm to begin trialling T-cell therapy against Covid-19

| by Danielle
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Fantastic to see the Telegraph and the Daily Mail covering the work of TC BioPharm, one of our portfolio companies. Talks with government are taking place to begin trialing their T-cell cancer therapy against Covid-19. Happy our companies are contributing to our country’s efforts against the virus and demonstrating that adaptability = survivability.

The scientists are those responsible for Dolly the Sheep and their contribution to Britain’s history of scientific excellence continues. Using T-cell therapy is superior to antibody therapies in how they target only infected cells and crucially can help people who have compromised immune systems.

“The team already holds a licence to do early testing in viral infected patients for any virus and is waiting for the go-ahead to begin working out doses, carrying out safety trials then moving to human trials on coronavirus patients. They believe the treatment could be for use in NHS hospitals by July.”

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