Turning high potential into high performance.

We are a specialist venture investor with a focus on science and technology companies that are posed for rapid growth.

We invest in sectors where innovation is driving exponential growth, and global demand.

We invest in companies with breakthrough technologies & strong leadership, who are on the cusp of a significant value inflection event.

We deploy the capital, resource and expertise required to mitigate risk and accelerate commercial success.

Our Investment Philosophy

Deploy Smart Capital Focused on Value Creation, Syndication and Global Exit.

The UK develops some of the most advanced and innovative technologies in the world, especially in cutting-edge sectors such as life sciences, Al and robotics. However, many of these technologies fail to demonstrate their true commercial potential due to a scarcity of capital, experience, and resources during early commercialisation stages.

We believe that significant value can be created by investing at this stage, if the appropriate expertise, resources and network can be deployed to nurture the SME through to commercial success.

Guided by a highly experienced investment committee and leading scientific advisory board, NCL have deployed over $55M into the health sector, as a lead investor, over the last 3 years.

Our Portfolio

More than 20 investments in breakthrough technology companies in sectors as diverse as therapeutics, digital health and cleantech.

All Digital Health Medical Technologies Non-Healthcare Therapeutics
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Our Ecosystem

We believe that early-stage, high potential SMEs will benefit immensely from a physical cluster of like-minded entrepreneurs and organisations.

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Our premier life science cluster is Discovery Park, the ex-Pfizer R&D site that has attracted over a hundred high-potential SMEs. The Park has not only premium office facilities and comprehensive service providers on site, but also cutting-edge laboratory facilities that are normally hard to access for small companies. These facilities are always open to our investee companies when needed, with room to scale up as the companies grow.

Our Team

Our team spans three generations and is vastly experienced in venture investment, fund structuring, entrepreneurship and business management and is supported by an expert Scientific Advisory Board.

All Board of Directors International Investment Team Scientific Advisory Board Support Team
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Jerry Biggs

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Emma Sugrue

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Jonathan Synett

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Katerina Sanchez Schilling

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Nicholas Ibery

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Maria Konovalova

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Pat O’Neill

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Kish Mistry

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Graham Hutchins

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Chris Phillips

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Jon Scott-Maxwell

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Martin Thorp

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Professor Clive Page

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Michelle Garrett

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Dr. Mike Westby

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Martin Riley

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Dr. Greg Bailey

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